MBHQ - exteriorMBHQ - exterior | © Thilo Pulch

Sonoma Cafe Alexandria. Rear to front.Sonoma Cafe Alexandria. Rear to front. | © Thilo Pulch

Sonoma Bakery HQ, office.Sonoma Bakery HQ, office. | © Thilo Pulch

Ralph Street.Ralph Street. | © Thilo Pulch

Ralph Street.Ralph Street. | © Thilo Pulch

Glebe house - roof terraceGlebe house - roof terrace | © Thilo Pulch

U&I Building Studio

U+I Building Studio is a creative and enthusiastic Sydney-based design firm working in a wide range of fields including residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality and interior projects.

We provide complete service from sketch design, council approvals, detailed documentation to shop drawings for manufacturing. We work closely with project managers and builders to ensure the success of all our projects.

Have ››› a look at some of the projects we selected for a nice and comprehensive wrap-up of our most loved ones.

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