Sonoma Bakery HQ, bakery dough prep.

Sonoma Bakery HQ, bakery dough prep. | ©Thilo Pulch

Sonoma Bakery Headquarter Alexandria

On Birmingham Street in Alexandria an 80m long complex of warehouse buildings has been converted for the Sonoma Headquarter bakery, offices and cafe.
Due to the different functions the buildings have been split into two main parts. The dough mixing & shaping area has been fitted with a flat coolroom panel ceiling to maximise the efficiency of the climate control system. In contrast the baking area utilises the full height of the roof to help discharge the heat through the roof. Skylights have been installed here as well to draw in natural light. The existing mezzanine level has been upgraded to house the management, accountant and director's offices. To enhance the character of the original building, existing features like steel trusses and brick walls have been kept exposed.


Sonoma Café HQ. Exterior.
Sonoma Bakery HQ, bakery dough prep.
Sonoma Bakery HQ, bakery.
Sonoma Bakery HQ, bakery, window to café.
Sonoma Bakery HQ, office.


DA to Completion
Floor Area 3,300sqm
Completed in 2011