MBHQ - exteriorMBHQ - exterior | © Thilo Pulch

Sonoma Cafe Alexandria. Rear to front.Sonoma Cafe Alexandria. Rear to front. | © Thilo Pulch

Glebe house - living+diningGlebe house - living+dining | © Thilo Pulch

Sonoma Bakery HQ, office.Sonoma Bakery HQ, office. | © Thilo Pulch

Apartment CamperdownApartment Camperdown | © Thilo Pulch

Sonoma Cafe WoollahraSonoma Cafe Woollahra | © Thilo Pulch

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We invite you to take the opportunity to view some of our past and recent projects.

One of our last projects

Glebe House - Studio & Residence
This shop-top-housing project is located on a small back lane in a Heritage Conservation Area in Sydney’s inner-west bustling suburb of Glebe... ›››more